is an online platform where, through the universal language of art, young people can create, debate and discover issues around the rights of the individual. Read the Press Release

1215logo launched on 14 June 2015, the eve of 800 years since Magna Carta, and will conclude on 5 November 2017, the eve of 800 years since the issue of The Charter of the Forest.

During the life of the project young people will connect across borders, religion and race to give voice to their values and needs, culminating in the creation of a new Magna Carta. (An article about the Magna Carta in 2015 is featured in our magazine, Commonwealth VOICES ,pages 12 & 13.)


Time For Rights is the first art project commissioned as part of and is a global opportunity for young people to make a statement about human rights.

On August 12th 2015, International Youth Day, young people from across the world will be invited to record and upload a short video of themselves, explaining which human right they feel most strongly about. The videos will reflect young people’s hopes, thoughts and feelings about individual human rights.

The videos will be posted to Instagram under the hashtag #TimeForRights. Artist Tim Kindberg will draw upon the videos to create a powerful online mosaic. For more information visit

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