Saving the Rhino

Panel discussion: a campaign for conservation of wild-life population from extinction. Rhinos have been an integral part of the natural world for tens of millions of years, and human kind is causing dramatic declines in just a few decades.

In the North East of India, there is a need for protection of forests and conservation of endangered species, like the one-horned rhino, Asian elephant and tiger. With the increase in Indian rhino poachings and killings, large scale destruction of wild-life, our international community needs a program of conservation of the one-horned rhino, Asian elephant and tiger as they become increasingly endangered species.


Rita Payne is President Emeritus for the Commonwealth Journalists Association, a freelance journalist and a media adviser.

Amit Roy is one of the most experienced journalists to have covered the Asian community and writes an influential column in Eastern Eye. He has also worked as a foreign correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph.

Syed Zarir Hussain is Chief Managing Editor of News Live, the largest satellite TV News Channel in India’s northeast. He has a Post Graduate in Radio and Television Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom.

Richard Blurton is head of the South Asian section in the Department of Asia, British Museum. He has curatorial charge of the late medieval, early modern and modern collections from both South and South East Asia.

Vijay Mehta is a renowned author and global activist for peace, development and human rights, is Co-Founder and Chair of Uniting for Peace.

In association with FASS (Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters).

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