The Annual Gladwyn Lecture

How the Commonwealth Network of Relationships can contribute to Peace

Speaker: Professor Lord Alderdice 

Chair: Tom Brake MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Exiting the European Union and International Trade and Shadow First Secretary of State

When Lord Alderdice participated in the panel that wrote 'Civil Paths to Peace' (the Commonwealth initiative chaired by Nobel laureate, Amartya Sen) he brought both his experience in the Irish Peace Process and that of working on a number of other violent political conflicts. 

Lord Alderdice believes that the key advance that emerged from the work in Northern Ireland was the recognition of the centrality of addressing the disturbed historic relationships between communities. He has taken this work further, not only in practical engagement in various conflicts but also in elucidating how complexity science is now demonstrating how and why relationships between large groups are so important. 

He will describe how he thinks that the Commonwealth is especially well placed to contribute to advancements in peace building at a time when the world seems to be slipping almost inexorably in the opposite direction. 

The Annual Gladwyn Lecture is organised by the Council for Education in the Commonwealth in honour of its former Patron, Lord Gladwyn, a distinguished diplomat and parliamentarian. 

The Lecture focuses on an educational topic of relevance to the Commonwealth, and is delivered by an eminent expert.

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