Previous Commonwealth Themes

Commonwealth theme 2018: 'Towards a Common Future'

Announcing the theme for 2018, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC said:

"'Towards a Commonwealth Future' renews our Commonwealth vision, and recommits to building on the individual and collective strengths of all member countries to meet the needs of our citizens, to respond to global challenges, and deliver a more prosperous, secure, sustainable and fair future for all, particularly our young people."

Commonwealth theme 2017: 'A Peace-building Commonwealth' 

Announcing the theme for 2017, the Secretary-General stated: “At a time of increasing instability and uncertainty in the world, the Commonwealth family of nations in its rich diversity becomes an ever more-needed source of strength and hope for all its members.”

‘A Peace-building Commonwealth’ is a natural follow-on from the 2016 theme of ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ and reaffirms the Commonwealth Charter principle that 'international peace and security, sustainable economic growth and development and the rule of law are essential to the progress and prosperity of all.'

Commonwealth theme 2016:  ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ 

Announcing the theme for 2016, Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma said:
"An Inclusive Commonwealth’ refers to the values of tolerance, respect and understanding, as well as equity and fairness, set out in the Commonwealth Charter, and the richness of the Commonwealth as a family of nations in which each member state is valued equally and has an equal voice. In changing times, the need for the Commonwealth to act as an inclusive network for mutual support, development and growth of opportunity and rights for all is as great as ever."

Commonwealth theme 2015:  ‘A Young Commonwealth’ 

Announcing the theme for 2015, Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma said:
“People aged twenty-nine or under account for the majority of the Commonwealth’s population, and play a vital role at the heart of sustainable development and democracy. ‘A Young Commonwealth’ recognises the capacity, contribution and potential of young people, particularly in 2015 when the world will define a new global development framework."

Commonwealth theme 2014: 'Team Commonwealth'

‘Team Commonwealth’ expresses a very real spirit of friendship and motivation towards the shared goals and values that exist between the 53 Commonwealth members. Teamwork is what makes it a truly unique institution and is what will ensure the association’s increasing relevance throughout the 21st century.

Malala Yusafzai's address, at the Commonwealth Day Observance in Westminster Abbey

Commonwealth theme 2013: 'Opportunity through Enterprise'

Richard Branson's address at the Commonwealth Day Observance in Westminster Abbey


Commonwealth Theme 2012 - 'Connecting Cultures'

Commonwealth Theme 2011 - 'Women, Agents of Change'

Commonwealth Theme 2010 - 'Science, Technology and Society'

Commonwealth Theme 2009 – ‘The Commonwealth@60 - Serving a New Generation’ 

Commonwealth Theme 2008 – ‘The Environment - Our Future’

Commonwealth Theme 2007 – ‘Respecting Difference, Promoting Understanding’

Commonwealth Theme 2006 – ‘Health and Vitality’

Commonwealth Theme 2005 – ‘Education - Creating Opportunity, Realising Potential’

Commonwealth Theme 2004 – ‘Building a Commonwealth of Freedom’

Commonwealth Theme 2003 – ‘Partners in Development’

Commonwealth Theme 2002 – ‘Diversity’

Commonwealth Theme 2001 – ‘A New Generation’

Commonwealth Theme 2000 – ‘Sharing Knowledge - The Communications Challenge’

Commonwealth Theme 1999 – ‘Music’

Commonwealth Theme 1998 – ‘Sport Brings Us Together’

Commonwealth Theme 1997 – ‘Talking to One Another’

Commonwealth Theme 1996 – ‘Our Working Partnership’

Commonwealth Theme 1995 – ‘Our Commonwealth Neighbourhood - Working Together for Tolerance and Understanding’

Commonwealth Theme 1994 – ‘Sport in the Commonwealth’

Commonwealth Theme 1993 – ‘The Commonwealth & Human Values’

Commonwealth Theme 1992 – ‘Partnership for the Future’ 

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