Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey

913273 C010 Cropped
The Commonwealth Flags flying in Parliament Square, outside Westminster Abbey
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The Melodians Steel Orchestra entertains awaiting crowds outside Westminster Abbey
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Kofi Annan arrives
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Performer, Ellie Goulding arrives at the Abbey
913273 A 045 Cropped
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, arrives at the Abbey
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The Westminster Mace is brought into the Abbey
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The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir entertain
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The Brownies in attendance
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Selina Tusitala Marsh performs her poem, specially commissioned for The Service
913273 B 125 Cropped
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoying The Service
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Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta reads from the Great Lectern
913273 B 119 Cropped
Queens Young Leader, Sara Ezabe Malliue, reflects
913273 B 171 Cropped
Commonwealth Secretary-General, HE Kamalesh Sharma, delivers his Reflection
913273 B 181 for newsletter
The Procession of Flags
913273 B 194 Cropped
HM The Queen departs, preceded by the Mace Bearer
913273 B 247CROP RESIZE
Sara Ezabe Malliue is introduced to HRH The Duke of Cambridge
913273 B 276CROP RESIZE
HRH Prince Henry of Wales is introduced to Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh
913273 A 081 Cropped
Flag bearers await Her Majesty The Queen's exit from the Abbey
913273 A 088 Cropped
Westminster Abbey Choristers
913273 A 084 Cropped
Flag-bearers await HM The Queen
913273 A 165 Cropped
The Duchess of Cambridge receives a posy
913273 A 115 Cropped
Her Majesty The Queen leaves the Abbey to greet awaiting Choristers and Flag-bearers

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