Tabitha being interviwed by the BBC

Tabitha being interviewed by the BBC during winners' week

I am proud to have won the junior section of the Commonwealth essay competition, especially as it is the first I have entered.

I live a long way from my invented characters in Botswana in Guernsey where it might be hard to grow lemons, although we still grow Tomatoes!

My essay was about 2 children who suffered the loss of their Parents to Malaria, it is a sad time for them but their hard work pays off in the end with a big surprise!!!

I was inspired to write my story after collecting outside a Supermarket for a charity that looks after aids orphans in Tanzania.

My characters flew into my head and to be honest it seems lots of my ideas seem to come when I least expect it.

You might be surprised to know that Silver fox one of my main characters has been in the top ten names in Botswana.

Winning this competion has been very exciting when I found out I felt as if I could do anything and nothing would stand in my way again, as I am dyslexic and writing can be difficult, often words are a roller coaster on the page which makes it hard work to read sometimes I wanted to give up but I have had so much help at School and at the Guernsey dyslexia day centre so hope dyslexic children everywhere will be encouraged to keep trying.

I have had a wonderful awards week in London from going to Buckingham Palace, seeing the Queen in her car and Darleks in the state rooms to being interviewed at the BBC about Selfies!

I wanted to cry when I saw homeless people at the tube station as I had never seen this in Guernsey and it seemed wrong.

I have seen so much outside my own small island to a bigger world with my place in the commonwealth.

I now think however young you are you can make a big difference.

In the words of the most famous child of all Anne Frank….

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’