This year on Monday 14 March (Commonwealth Day), the Royal Commonwealth Society will be celebrating in Westminster Abbey with HM The Queen, High Commissioners, and specially invited guests, all in support of An Inclusive Commonwealth.

This annual Service, formerly the Commonwealth Day Observance, sees nearly 1,000 young people attend. These young people are organised through their schools and youth groups, and come from across the UK and a diverse range of backgrounds.

Here, the Royal Commonwealth Society lists just five of the reasons why teachers and group leaders should take time out of their hectic schedules and register their interest in celebrating Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey.

  1. It is prestigious. The Commonwealth Service is a highly prestigious event, attended by leaders from across the Commonwealth including the Royal Family. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a decidedly well-regarded event.

  2. It is an opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth. It is often assumed that the concept of the Commonwealth is an archaic one, bearing little relevance to our lives today. However, the added value of the Commonwealth is immense; this is a perfect opportunity to see the Commonwealth unite and experience the sense of community it has to offer. Young people, teachers and leaders will have the chance to hear about the modern Commonwealth at work.

  3. It celebrates inclusivity in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is not about the United Kingdom, or the monarchy, or history alone; it is about all of the citizens of a hugely diverse but equally important family of nations, connected through values of tolerance and inclusivity. The Commonwealth Service will highlight this at a pivotal time in world history.

  4. It is a chance to see London. There is no better time for schools and youth groups that are not London-based to see the city.  Not only is it an opportunity to see one of the most iconic features of London, but also a chance to be part of a historic event in this very venue: Westminster Abbey.

  5. It is inspirational. The Service will be packed with rousing speeches and lively performances, all underpinned by a chance to see HM The Queen and other Commonwealth leaders, perhaps for the first time. It is a chance to sing, laugh, and join thousands of other Commonwealth citizens, uniting to celebrate their shared heritage and the future they hope to see. Religious leaders from a variety of faiths will speak to the importance of inclusivity, asking us all to reflect on what it means to live in an increasingly diverse pan-Commonwealth community. The Service will be a monumental event and an event that all attending are guaranteed never to forget.

If you are a teacher or youth group leader interested in bringing the young people with whom you work to the Service, please visit the event page and follow the instructions to register your interest.

Please note the deadline for registering your interest is Monday 1st February.

Any questions or comments regarding the service should be directed to