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A history in common, a future in progress

The Royal Commonwealth Society, founded in 1868, is a network of individuals and organisations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world. 

Working through a range of educational, civil society, business and governmental networks, the RCS addresses issues that matter to Commonwealth citizens. Download our 2014 'About Us' leaflet.

Youth CHOGM 20043
Developing dialogue

Developing dialogue and strategies to engage organisations and business for the well-being and prosperity of individuals. Read more.

Cyprus Nkabom participant 2008
Advocating positive social change

Advocating positive social change across Commonwealth member states. Learn more.

Youth CHOGM 2004 2
Educating young people

Educating young people and providing a pan-Commonwealth framework for youth leadership. Discover more.

Living the Dream Commownealth Day Observance 2013
Celebrating shared values

Celebrating and building on the shared values and aspirations that continue to unite citizens across the Commonwealth. Find out more.

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